Thursday, December 23, 2010

Supporting the Tau Zero Foundation

The Tau Zero Foundation is a private nonprofit corporation supported mainly through philanthropic donations.

The goal of TZF is making progress toward practical interstellar flight. I support the project's goal and made a small donation already and I strongly encourage you to make the same effort even if it is a single dollar $.

Tau Zero Foundation Official Page

Skype: Latest news on the massive downtime

Skype is finally coming slowly online. An official statement was also announced...

Status update on downtime

Skype structureAn update on the downtime which has been affecting many of you around the world: the ability of one Skype user to find another relies on what we call ‘supernodes’, and yesterday, a number of these failed due to a software issue, which we’ve now identified. Our engineers are working to resolve the problem.

Millions of you are already reporting that you can now sign in to Skype normally, and we estimate that there are already almost 5 million people online. As a guide, this is around 30% of what we’d expect at this time of day – and that number is increasing all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to predict on an individual level when you’ll be able to sign in again, and we thank you for your patience in the meantime.

It’s worth noting that our enterprise product, Skype Connect, is working normally, though Skype Manager and our other web-based functions will continue to stay offline for a little longer. Additionally, features like group video calling will take longer to return to normal.

We’re sincerely sorry for this disruption - like you, all of us at Skype rely on Skype every day. We understand just how important Skype is to your friendships, family, and work, and so are particularly aware of the impact of rare problems like this. We’re working hard to restore full functionality to the Skype software, and hope to have more information to share soon. You can also follow @skype on Twitter for further updates.

Official Announcement

Can't decide which Blogging service to choose?

Well as the title states: "Can't decide which Blogging service to choose? "

Royal Pingdom compiled a list with the most popular blogging services, like Blogger, Wordpress, etc and recorded their downtime for 2010.

And the winner for most reliable blogging service goes to....

Blogger! :)

Read the full article here <==

Skype is still down.

The problem appears to be serious for Skype. Up to this moment no one knows how many dollars are lost by businesses and by Skype itself due to this "downtime". Some people contacted me from Europe reporting connectivity issues.. Others sign in and then drop. Personally I couldn't even sign in yesterday and today the same goes on. Have your tried login in the main page of Skype? I can't even connect there, the site pushes me to yesterdays announcement about the downtime.

A Good Find: Danny MacAskill's new riding video

This guy is very impressive. Just watch the video and you'll see...

Enjoy... :)