Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sutherland's Acer Ad

Megan Fox's Acer Ad

There's Light In The Tunel For Linux

Valve announced the limited availability of Steam for Linux. This is indeed great news for the Linux community. In fact Linux users are never considered in the plans of the making of games in other gaming companies. If Steam for Linux get's released, more and more titles will get added that will support Linux, we'll see a lot of PC users turn to Linux ( because Linux rules :) ). There's currently a free-to-play available for Linux gamers, with the game Team Fortress 2 and a few other titles. Valve received 60.000 requests for participating in the Steam for Linux beta and most of them were from the Ubuntu distro community. That means that Steam for Linux will be available only to that distro for this beta, but they promised to expand and include other popular distros as well (please, please, please, support Mint)