Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Android Smartphone are now outselling iOS smartphones in Japan

Samsung's smartphone, the Galaxy S, outsold iOS smartphones in Japan during Q1 2011. This places Samsung in the top 4 handset vendors of Japan.

Tom Kang, Director of the Handset Country Share Tracker service at Strategy Analytics, said, “The Japanese market had always been tough to crack for foreign vendors as all previous attempts had failed. With smartphones, things are changing rapidly. First, Apple shook up the market with the iPhone, and now, for the first time, Samsung, is shipping more handsets than most local vendors, such as NEC, Casio and Kyocera.”

Neil Mawston, Director, Strategy Analytics, added, “Strategy Analytics believes that the healthy demand for the Android-powered Galaxy S at NTT DoCoMo drove Samsung growth in Japan. Samsung is the main player behind surging Android smartphone sales, followed by Sharp. Japan had always had a unique competitive landscape, but is now looking more and more like any other advanced smartphone market in the world as Android has flown by iOS in just three quarters.”
“Japan was not the only market affected by changes in the handset vendor rankings,” said Linda Sui, Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “In China, Huawei surpassed most foreign brands, such as LG and Motorola. Huawei even leaped ahead of local rivals like Lenovo and ZTE, entering the top-5 vendor list for the first time. The growth from smartphones and 3G devices is a serious disruptive force in Asia right now.”

Here you can find the full report: LINK

Opera Mini 6 for iOS

Opera Mini 6 is now available for the iOS platform. This is an alternative to the mobile Safari version. Available on the App Store for iPhone nad iPad now and free of charge

3D On Demand by Samsung

Samsung started a new streaming service, the "Explore 3D", for their customers in the U.S. This service will deliver on demand 3D content for their 3D LED and 3D Plasma TVs. The owners of those products can immediately register for the service and enjoy rich 3D content on their TV's

Dell XPS 15z The Ultimate Blend of Style & Performance

Dell introduced today the XPS 15z laptop. The thinnest 15" laptop on the planet. This new laptop comes equipped with the 2nd generation of Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 processors, a backlit keyboard and battery life of up to 8hr. In a stylish and less than 1" thick case. This new laptop comes to challenge the Apple's MacBook Pro series. With a price tag of $999.99. (Can't understand this pricing practice, why not $1000?)

NVIDIA Tegra 2 awarded the Computex "Best Choice" award

Another big success for NVIDIA at Computex. The Tegra 2 mobile super chip has been award the Computex "Best Choise" award for Smart Handheld Devices Innovation from the Taipei Computer Association.

The competition was hard and the chip got picked from 400 other products, from every electronic product category. The Tegra chip was selected based on overall technical merit, innovation and marketability by a panel of government representatives, academia, research analysts, tech editors and other expers.

NVIDIA's award is the 3rd in a row of awards from Computex. NVIDIA won the same award last year for the GeForce GTX 480 GPU and the year before that, with the NVIDIA Ion GPU.

"The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is truly a super chip,” said the jury of the Best Choice Award. “It has ushered in a new wave of super phones and tablet devices with never-before-seen capabilities and experiences. We selected Tegra 2 from hundreds of entries because it’s an outstanding technological achievement that’s impacted the industry very positively."

"It’s an honor to receive this prestigious award from the Taipei Computer Association,” said Phil Carmack, Senior Vice President of the Mobile business at NVIDIA. “This helps validate the very sizable investment we’ve placed in Tegra and demonstrates that the mobile market is significant for NVIDIA. But this is only the start. With Project Kal-El, our quad-core processor, we’re planning to take mobile computing to even higher levels."

With the Tegra 2 chip, we have seen simple handheld devices transfrom into real computers with enough processing power to challenge even console gaming platforms. Already a lot of devices in the market, feature this incredible processor and we will see even more in the coming future.