Friday, May 13, 2011

First ever Wi-Fi Mouse

Sorry for the delayed posts, but Blogger was down for 20hours.

HP unveiled an “industry's first” WiFi mouse. It's the first mouse that connects with your computer without the use of a USB dongle, but uses the computer's Wi-Fi receiver. Other features include long battery life, of up to 9 months. Five customizable buttons. A four way scroll wheel and ambidextrous design. HP also introduced the Link5 technology. It's a USB receiver that allows instant connection of compatible PC accessories with one receiver.

Link-5 delivers reliable connectivity using 2.4-GHz wireless technology and has an intelligent sleep mode to ensure the longest possible battery life. The latest Link-5 accessories lineup includes:
  • HP Wireless Mini Keyboard: Just the right mobile companion for a tablet or entertainment PC, this full-featured keyboard is lightweight and ultra-small in size.
  • HP Wireless Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard: Offering a stylish look and feel, this keyboard is durable, full-featured and a great value.
  • HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard: Featuring a sleek, ultra-slim design, this keyboard offers superb performance and comfort.
  • HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse: Offering a comfortable, secure grip for use in the right or left hand, this mouse features an optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity that works on most surfaces.
  • HP Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse: Using a laser sensor with adjustable sensitivity, this mouse delivers optimal performance and works on most surfaces.
  • HP Wireless Mobile Mouse: Designed for users who are on the go, this mouse delivers reliable wireless connectivity at a great value.

Source: HP