Saturday, August 3, 2013

Top 10 Free & Paid Joomla Slider Extensions

Here are the top 10 most popular, highest rated, and recommended free Joomla Slider extensions for download at the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Code7 Responsive Slider

A simple, responsive slider using the jQuery flexslider from


  • Support 9 images with captions.
  • Caption can contain HTML.
  • Link slides.
  • Variety of the flexslider options.

Diapo Slideshow

Diapo Slideshow is a amazing image slideshow with 29 image slideshow effects and 32 easing effects. The module is easy to configure with lot many functionality which can be managed in the module parameters.


  • 29 Image Slideshow Effects 
  • 32 Easing Effects 
  • Easy to configure parameters [Color Picker Added]
  • Add Unlimited Images.
  • Caption for each slideshow
  • And many more...

Simple Picture Slideshow (Popular)

The "Simple Picture Slideshow" plugin for Joomla!1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 is a - as the name says - simple plugin to display a slideshow in content items. The images get faded out, this effect works with current major browsers. You decide if the slideshow starts automatically on pageload or is started by clicking a link/button in the content item.


  • supports .jpg, .png und .gif
  • can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered, float left or float right
  • as many slideshows per content item as you want
  • every sldieshow can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
  • optional show title and/or text with every single picture (Captions)
  • and many more...

Avatar Slide Galleria (Popular)

The Avatar Slide Galleria Extensions is a slideshow module/plugin base on the Galleria library. You will interesting with more effects and options to configure. You could select images from local folder, Picasa or Flickr. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices.


  • Responsive support
  • Image folders/ Picasa/ Flickr
  • Lightweight
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Lightbox when click on image

showplus (Popular)

showplus is powered by a slideshow script built entirely with the MooTools JavaScript framework that ships with Joomla, and uses no Flash technology. Having a showplus slideshow on a page incurs a footprint of about 30 Kb with only a single CSS file and a JavaScript file included in the page header. No jQuery or other libraries are imported, possibly leading to script conflicts.


  • choose from six customizable transition types: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe 
  • attach captions to images with multilingual support using a labels file with fall-back to a default caption
  • link each image to an arbitrary location 
  • order images according to filename or last modified time, shuffle images each time the page is shown, or specify custom order 
  • display horizontal or vertical navigation bar with small thumbnail images that allow for fast navigation
  • set most important styles in the administration back-end

Slideshow CK (Popular)

Slideshow CK can display images or videos with links with nice effects. It is mobile compatible and responsive design, and you can add unlimited slides with a Drag & Drop admin interface.


  • Unlimited slides
  • Ergonomic admin interface with Drag & Drop
  • Can display images or videos
  • Multiple options to congifure the slideshow
  • Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers

Smart Slider (Popular)

Smart Slider by Nextend is the perfect all-in-one slider solution for Joomla, that contains 6 slider and it's totally RESPONSIVE!


  • Frontpage slideshow
  • Image slider
  • Image gallery
  • Carousel gallery
  • Content slider/tabs
  • and many more...

ARI Image Slider (Popular

Joomla! image slider module which provides possibility to create awesome image slideshow based on images from specific folder(s).


  • 16 transition effects;
  • No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
  • Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
  • Responsive;
  • Supports keyboard navigation;
  • and many more...

DJ Image Slider (Popular)

The DJ-Image Slider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item or url address.
  • select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
  • select slider's type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
  • select the category of images to be displayed
  • and many more...

Unite Revolution Responsive Slider (Popular & Recommended by me!)

The Unite Revolution Responsive slider is an amazing layered slider for joomla. The slider has been developed by themepunch and we would like to thank them in advance before talking about the slider features. We have developed a friendly backend that lets you manage your slider like no other extension yet made for joomla. You can design your slider with no css or jquery needed an come out with amazing effect.


  • Image and Thumbs fully re-sizable
  • Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • Unlimited Slides
  • iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
  • and many more...