Monday, May 23, 2011

26 TeraBits per Second

Found an interesting article on BBC Science & Technology. They report that TeraBits per second speeds of data communication have been achieved in lab. Not just 1 Tbps, but 26 Tbps. You can read about it here.

What can you do with those speeds? What would you do if you had an internet connection with that kind of data rate? That's 2.95TBytes per second!

In one second you could transfer:
4427 Audio CDs (700mb)
659 Single Layer DVDs
362 Dual Layer DVDs
129 Single Layer BluRays
65 Dual Layer BlueRays
3 1TB Hard Disk Drives

Of course all the above figures are just comparisons to the data rates achieved in the lab. There is no computer that fast to transfer those kinds of data. A typical motherboard with a x16 PCI express slot can deliver up to 16GBytes per second. A DDR3 memory running @1333Mhz transfers data with a rate of 10.4GB/s.

So those kind of transfer speeds can be utilized only by large telecommunications companies, to deliver more data to their networks.

MSI WindPad 110W 10.1" available for pre-order

MSI's WindPad 110W is up for pre-orders at for $599 (~430€). The launch is scheduled for June 1st, 2011 according to the website.

There are no official specs, but from what I've gathered it will feature a dual core 1Ghz AMD Fusion Ontario C-50 , a 10.1" 1280x800 touchscreen display, 2GB DDR3 ram, internal storage of 32GB SSD, WiFi+Bluetooth. It will come preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium.

I'm guessing, when MSI releases the official full specs, I'll do another comparison with the other tablets.

Dungeon Siege III Launch Date

Dungeon Siege® III launches June 21, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windoze. Next week you'll be able to download the Xbox 360 demo (May 31st) and on June 7th the demo will be made available to the rest of the platforms.

Official Website

Micro-HDMI Cable for Tablets and Smartphones

These days a lot of portable devices, like tablets and smart phones, support playback of High Definition video. Most of the time this video is to large for the device's display (1080p). Standard HDMI cables are to bulky to be used with these devices. There are solutions to this problem and RedMere has the best solution to date. A ultra-thin and portable Micro-HDMI cable.

Cables powered by RedMere’s technology are only 25% of the size of a standard HDMI cable and because they are light and ultra-thin they are easier to bend, route and disguise in your home after plugging in and installing with your DVD, set-top box, or Blu-ray player.

AMD G-Series APUs

AMD introduced today two new Embedded G-Series APUs with an amazing TDP rating of 5.5 and 6.4 watts, up to 39 percent power saving compared to earlier designs. These new APU's support one or two low-power x86 "Bobcat" CPU cores with a discreet DirectX-11 capable GPU on a single die.

This ultra low APU can be used on systems with a fanless design like, mobile industrial devices, kiosks, digital signage and many other small form factor devices.

 “We have seen many of our embedded customers deploy fanless systems even with our 15W TDP processors in the past. Today we take the ground-breaking AMD Fusion APU well below 7W TDP and shatter the accepted traditional threshold for across-the-board fanless enablement,” said Buddy Broeker, director, Embedded Solutions, AMD.

Systems based on the new low power AMD Embedded G-Series platform include an industrial mobile device from Amtek, a Pico-ITX single board computer from Axiomtek, a Qseven form factor computer-on-module from datakamp, and a fanless digital signage platform from iBASE. Additional customers are expected to bring new products to market in the coming quarters.

Source: AMD PressRelease

Sony hacked again?

It appears that a Greek site of Sony BMG was hacked. The attackers or attacker, used an automated SQL injection tool to find a security hole in some input form. The attack was a success and the hackers got a hold of all the user records of the database. The database information then was posted in including usernames, real names and email addresses of users registered on


Fujitsu unveiled a Projector for Business Laptops

Fujitsu unveiled a new gadget for their business oriented users. It is a type of "fold-out" Bay Projector, that you simple pull out like a laptop's optical drive bay and your ready to give your presentations in no time with zero configuration.

You can use most of the surfaces found in a typical meeting room for your presentation and can be used for all sorts of thing, like: slides, spreadsheets, viral videos or when you're done with the meeting and you're back at the hotel, it can double-up as a personal cinema.