Monday, May 9, 2011

Cool things with Javascript...

This past few months now I've been recording video tutorials for another blog I'm running and was searching for ideas for my next tutorial. Then after some googling I came across this guy's site. Mr.doob What I found there amazed me... I've never thought that some of the things he made was even possible with Javascript. I mean, I consider myself very new to web developing, with 3 years PHP and 1 year Javascript, but he is a real artist with scripts. Check his site out you wont get disappointed.

Galaxy Online II Instances

This is the first instance of the Galaxy Online II strategy game. This is not a guide but rather a breakdown of what you may expect in the instances.

Instance 1: Ancestral Recall
Max Players: 1
Max Fleets: 3
CheckPoints: 1
EXP: 180
Rewards: Lv1 Treasure Box (Small Amounts of Resources, Bp rarely drops)

Check Point: 1
Enemy Ship Types: Lv2 Estrella BS
Movement: 4
Enemy Dmg Resistance: Kinetic & Heat
Formations: 2 Fleets of 4 Stacks each
5   5   5
0   10  0
0    0   0
Weapon Type: Rapid Fire-III x6
Damage Type: Heat Damage
Range: 2
Other Defences: Powered Pulse Canon III (x1) (anti-Fighters/Missiles)

This instance is an easy one, like an introductory/ I mostly clear this instance with force. I'll throw in a couple hundred battleships in 2 fleet formations and be done by round 4-5. ;)