Sunday, May 29, 2011

AMD Fusion APU "Sold Out"

AMD announced a few days ago, that they sold 5 million Fusion APUs. AMD's representatives state that the Fusion APUs are completly sold out and demand has overtaken supply.

The Fusion APUs are a combination of CPU and GPU and are getting implemented in low cost and low power Netbooks as alternatives to Intel's Atom processors. There is also interest in AMD's Llano series chips, which are also in the Fusion family of processors.

Google Chrome Extension For Artists

If you are an electronic music composer, you will probably know about software suites like Qbase, ProTools, Fruity Loops and Reason. What you might not know is a new application for creating music that runs on your browser. That's right, a high quality music production extension for your Google Chrome browser called: Audiotool.

Doodling with the layout

I've decided to play around a bit with my blog layout, since weekends are not very interesting in news. No official news, press releases, nothing. So, I've changed the heading with a very simple logo and changed the description. I've also added a facebook activity box on the right column and on the bottom of the page I've added a "Our Favorite Diggs" module and Most Popular module. (all-time/this week).

UPDATE: Changed the default commenting system with DISQUS commenting system. I've also added a new widget on the right column displaying the categories for this blog.