Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sharp's new 85-inch LCD Super Hi-Vision TV.

Sharp developed with NHK (Japan Broadcastin Corporation), the next generation of television format. The Super Hi-Vision. With 16x the resolution of HDTV (720p) this panel is a 33megapixel monster!

Tablet Accessories by Logitech

Logitech's new lineup of accessories will give your Apple and Android tablets new roles in your lives.

The first of these accessories is a keyboard-case by ZAGG, it's a sleek keyboard made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish to match your iPad2. Protect your iPad2 with style and when needed, open it up and setup your iPad2 for some serious power typing with the removable wireless Bluetooth keyboard!

Wait! There's more for your iThings! Wireless speakers! Take your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and turn it into a sound system for your relaxing moments at your home, or outdoor parties with your friends and never worry about any cables! This set of dual 2" drivers will deliver rich, sterio sound and plenty of bass!

There is no need for the android community to feel left out. Logitech prepared and launched a few accessory goodies for you to!

First up is a wireless Tablet Keyboard for tablets with Android 3.0 that support Bluetooth capable Human Interface Devices! With a sleek and stylish design and low profile keys, it will revolutionize your experience with your Android tablet! The carrying case has a double role, one is for safekeeping your keyboard when traveling and the second role is to act as a stand to place your tablet on, for a comfortable working environment!

And last but not least, a wireless Tablet Mouse for completing the experience of a true Android Tablet workstation environment. Cursor control your tablet and do stuff quicker than before with this Bluetooth enabled wireless mouse! You want scroll? Done! Scroll up and down all day long on your documents or browser, without ever touching the screen. Need smooth, precise movements for that new drawing app you just downloaded? Done! Laser precision means smooth tracking on almost all surfaces.

Million Dollar Earth

Remember back then in 2005 when a website came online, selling pixels for 1$ each? Imagine now the same with Google Maps Pins. Yes, that's right! You can virtual own an entire city now!

Ryan Hart and Scott Dahl, inspired by Alex Tew's idea on selling pixels for advertisement, sparked a brilliant idea in them.

“What would happen if that idea could be reapplied so that someone could “own” the virtual pinpoints within Google Maps,” Hart mused. “Someone could virtually own an entire city.”

Then both felt this burning in the chest, when you get while having an awesome idea, and started working on their idea.

You can now virtually "own" an entire city and place advertisements on it. The virtual city "owners" can include their Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Youtube video and a custom text box to add whatever they want.

Both Hart and Dahl created this service not just to become rich and famous, but to contribute back to the world by giving 10% of the proceeds to Charity:Water, a non-profit organization helping people of developing nations have clean drinkable water.

A very honorable gesture from them. I wish this world had more people like them.

“Online there has been no unique voice in advertising,” says Hart. “I want this website to change that and be the creative wall for businesses to hang their advertisement on.”