Friday, May 27, 2011

NVIDIA 3D Vision now on Youtube

If you are an owner of a NVIDIA 3D Vision equipped PC, you will be able to take the browsing experience into a new level. Nvidia announced that Youtube is giving the ability to view high-quality 3D content to users with a 3D vision capable PC and Firefox 4+. Using HTML5 and WebM, Youtube made thousands of 3D videos available to users.

"We're excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube," said Jonathan Huang, 3D Product Manager at YouTube. "By embracing these open standards, NVIDIA 3D Vision users now have a great way of experiencing YouTube's library of 3D content."

"Firefox with 3D Vision creates a stunning and smooth 3D video experience using HTML5 video based on open standards," said Jay Sullivan, VP of Products at Mozilla. "3D Vision from NVIDIA is a great example of the rich, innovative experiences that are being built on top of the speed and graphics power that Firefox delivers to the Web."

With all the consumer grade gadgets out there having the capability to shoot 3D, you'll be expecting a lot more 3D content to come online on Youtube and similar sites.

In order to watch 3D videos on Youtube, you will need a 3D vision capable PC with the latest GeForce Drivers (version 275+) and Firefox 4+ which has HTML5 video streaming support. You should switch to HTML5 viewing on Youtube as well

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