Friday, May 27, 2011

Million Dollar Earth turns 24...days old! First copycat emerges

It took only 16 days for Jerry Li to create the first copycat of, called FortuneEarth. A cheap ripoff of a clever and original idea by Ryan Hart and Scott Dahl. Visiting that site, you get introduced to ads and a not so elegant design.

Ryan Hart said in a blog post on MillionDollarEarth, "You may be thinking that my reactions was OH NO YOU DON’T! but rather it was THANK YOU. Copy-cats validate the feasibility of a venture. Imitators show you that you are on the right path. Everyone loves a good cover song."

The ripoff site appears to have sold 3 cities already for a total sum of $40.500 US. The original project (MDE) has sold 43 cities for $58.250 US, but you get to keep the city for yourself and can later resell for a better offer. Unlike FortuneEarth were you pay ridiculous amounts for exclusive ownership and without the ability of re-selling it for a better offer. Meanwhile MDE gives 10% of the proceeds to Charity:Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean water to millions in need.

There is also a contest to win a $1000 city on MillionDollarEarth. I've already signed my email and if I'm lucky to win, I'll resell and give the earnings to the same charity! Since I live near a spring of fresh water that is just a couple kilometers from my home, I'm in no need of fresh water unlike millions. 

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