Friday, May 27, 2011

I just made 6.500.000 USD today. Not!

Symantec issued a warning for spam attacks on their blog. This time the spammers are targeting the Indian Premier League fans. The spam message is promoting an IPL lottery and asks it's victims to provide their personal details, Full name, date of birth, address, email and mobile number to claim the “(Rs/-56,80,708.00) Fifty Six Lacs Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred and Eight India Rupees”.

Scammers just don't give up. They will keep on sending spam for ever and there is nothing we can do. Meantime they refine their methods to make the spam email to look authentic. Like the instance with the IPL lottery, they included a security warning: “For Security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information CONFIDENTIAL to avoid double claim or impersonation”. All this to make the spam email look more credible and authentic.

So don't fall for their methods. Just think before you send any details. For starters, did you take part in the lottery in the first place? If no, then you know it is a scam. Even if you did take part in the lottery, I bet the officials wouldn't contact you in this way and you would already know in advance that you won. On the rare occasions when I buy a ticket or something similar for a lottery, I wait for the results to come out, either from the TV or the official Website of the company that is holding the lottery.

I've checked my spam box in gmail today out of curiosity and to check for any similar spam emails. Guess what! I'm a multi millionaire! That's right, just for today I've received 3 different scam emails. The first one is about helping a bank official in a transaction of 6.2mil USD and just for helping him I get to keep 30%! That's 1.860.000 USD. The next was a classic. Again a bank official is contacting me and telling me that his client died and there are left overs in his former client's bank accounts and he needs my help with a transaction. The left over is a mere 10.5mil USD and again I get to keep 40% this time. 4.200.000 USD not bad. The final message was a lottery scam in which apparently I won 500,000 USD from a Microsoft held lottery. The scammer is asking me for my personal details like, name, address, phone number etc.

I just made 6.500.000 USD today. Easy money...

So please be careful to whom you send your personal details. All they want is your hard earned money.

Source: Symantec

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