Friday, May 20, 2011

Free PC maintenance tools

I'll start this list of tools with a small and very useful tool to clean up useless files from your Windows PC.

CCleaner (free)

It is a free utility, 3Mb in size, and with it you can clean unnecessary files from your Windows computer. It also features a Registry cleaning tool. You can also integrate it with your Recycle Bin for easy access.

Defraggler (free)

This utility comes from the same developer and is a simple defragment tool for your Windows computer. It is fast and better than the one that comes with Windoze.

SpyBot S&D (free)

Finally a free Anti-spam utility to shield you from malicious websites. It protects your pc from malware with a huge list of blocked addresses that this program injects into your Windows Hosts file.

I use these three utilities almost daily, except defraggler which I use once per week. SpyBot SD issues updates regularly and with it you can surf the web with a clear mind.

Ofcourse you should accompany SpyBot with a real-time antivirus and a firewall to ensure maximum protection against attacks and viruses.

If you have a suggestion for this list please leave a comment and I'll include it with the rest!

A Developer's guide to the App Galaxy!

Google launched a very beautiful website for mobile applications developers, to help them brand and promote their application in the ever increasing galaxy of applications. Ass you "maneuver" this guide, you will get the basics app promotion, monetization and measurement.

Inside the guide you will also find success stories from well known developers like, Rovio or The Weather Channe.

The guide is featured in four other languages besides English. You will find, a French, a German, a Japanese and a Korean version of the guide.

The Guide to the AppGalaxy