Monday, May 9, 2011

Galaxy Online II Instances

This is the first instance of the Galaxy Online II strategy game. This is not a guide but rather a breakdown of what you may expect in the instances.

Instance 1: Ancestral Recall
Max Players: 1
Max Fleets: 3
CheckPoints: 1
EXP: 180
Rewards: Lv1 Treasure Box (Small Amounts of Resources, Bp rarely drops)

Check Point: 1
Enemy Ship Types: Lv2 Estrella BS
Movement: 4
Enemy Dmg Resistance: Kinetic & Heat
Formations: 2 Fleets of 4 Stacks each
5   5   5
0   10  0
0    0   0
Weapon Type: Rapid Fire-III x6
Damage Type: Heat Damage
Range: 2
Other Defences: Powered Pulse Canon III (x1) (anti-Fighters/Missiles)

This instance is an easy one, like an introductory/ I mostly clear this instance with force. I'll throw in a couple hundred battleships in 2 fleet formations and be done by round 4-5. ;)