Monday, May 23, 2011

26 TeraBits per Second

Found an interesting article on BBC Science & Technology. They report that TeraBits per second speeds of data communication have been achieved in lab. Not just 1 Tbps, but 26 Tbps. You can read about it here.

What can you do with those speeds? What would you do if you had an internet connection with that kind of data rate? That's 2.95TBytes per second!

In one second you could transfer:
4427 Audio CDs (700mb)
659 Single Layer DVDs
362 Dual Layer DVDs
129 Single Layer BluRays
65 Dual Layer BlueRays
3 1TB Hard Disk Drives

Of course all the above figures are just comparisons to the data rates achieved in the lab. There is no computer that fast to transfer those kinds of data. A typical motherboard with a x16 PCI express slot can deliver up to 16GBytes per second. A DDR3 memory running @1333Mhz transfers data with a rate of 10.4GB/s.

So those kind of transfer speeds can be utilized only by large telecommunications companies, to deliver more data to their networks.