Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3D On Demand by Samsung

Samsung started a new streaming service, the "Explore 3D", for their customers in the U.S. This service will deliver on demand 3D content for their 3D LED and 3D Plasma TVs. The owners of those products can immediately register for the service and enjoy rich 3D content on their TV's

“Once consumers experience the wonder of immersive 3D that we deliver on Samsung 3D LED and 3D Plasma TVs, they generally crave all the 3D content they can get their hands on,” said John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. “We decided to expand our Explore 3D App with both free content and – coming soon - feature films in order to meet this growing demand.”

 "Samsung is providing the ultimate 3D experience to consumers - from a broad range of quality 3D TVs to compelling 3D content via Samsung's Explore 3D application. WealthTV is pleased to have a number of complete shows available via Samsung's Explore 3D offering," stated Robert Herring, Sr, CEO of WealthTV.

The Explore 3D service is powered by Rovi Corporation and includes its cloud-based metadata and RoxioNow platform.

Samsung’ utilizes 3D Active technology to deliver a no-compromise 3D experience. Unlike other approaches to 3D, Active 3D Technology delivers up to double the resolution for an immersive, Full HD image (1080p picture for each eye), a wider viewing angle and no black lines interfering with the picture.

Recently, Samsung announced a new promotion which includes two pairs of its Active 3D glasses with qualified 2011 LED and Plasma TVs purchased from authorized dealers, as well as a price reduction across its entire line of 3D glasses, allowing a family of four to enjoy 3D for under $100.

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