Monday, January 3, 2011

Cyma Mp5 041B - Airsoft AEG

This is my Airsoft AEG, the Cyma MP5A4. It's the 041B RIS Full Metal version with high quality plastic grip and stock. It fires .20g BB plastic pellets with a muzzle velocity of 396FPS (measured it in the field my self). Cyma rates it @420FPS for a .20g BB and @440FPS with .12g BB? (who uses .12g?)
The railed hand guard has some serious space on both sides and on the lower side of the barrel to add tons of gear like vertical-grip, flashlights or lasers. Other metal parts on this AEG are the gearbox, upper & lower receivers, barrel assembly, trigger, rail system, foresight (rear sight is plastic), sling mounts and flash hider.
With it came along in the box, a plastic (low quality) front grip. One banana high-cap mag with a capacity of 200BBs and the battery and charger. The battery is 8.4V 1200mAh.

The only downside I found with this AEG is the HopUp (adjustable) that will reset itself after about 10-15 shot when firing in Full Auto and the iron sights are wobbly. When I took it out of the box I had to tighten all the screws and the flash hider fell off in the field on the first game... but this doesn't affect the AEG in any way. I was amazed with the details crafted in this AEG, I've showed it to a friend who's a Boarder Police officer where I live and he was shocked at first glance and even after he took it on his hands he still thought it was real. Until I told him that it's an AEG. He said "We use exactly the same weapon on duty..." and he couldn't tell the difference. Amazing for a sub 200$ AEG. Nice work Cyma!

Here is a picture.

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The three-point sling was added after by me, it wasn't included. And there is a top-rail mounted for scopes that was added also by me. I'm in the search for a good Holosight. If anyone has something in mind please leave a comment. One other addition I want to make is a tight bore barrel hope to get more accuracy or even more FPS out of it with out messing with other parts of the AEG. Something I noticed lately is in cold weather it starts firing very slow until it "warms up" a bit. I don't know if this is good or bad or something common since it's my first winter with this sport.