Friday, May 11, 2012

Hydroponics Project Update #2

My project is going really sloooooow. The thing is that I can't find all the required materials needed to complete this project in my area and in my country in general. I had ordered a 12v water pump from ebay like a month ago (April 13th) and received it just today (May 11th). By now I should have had tomato plants 15cm in height and I've got nothing. :( I will not give up. I will complete this project no matter what.

Here are some update photos:

I found this tubing in my grandpa's yard and he donated it to my project. If you look closely you may notice a slight bend on the tube, that's caused by the heating from the sun and the lack of support at the ends. I you turn it like 90 degrees it will bend again in a matter of minutes. Anyway I won't be using the whole length of the tube. It's a 3meter (9feet and 10inches) tube and I'll cut it right in the middle to get two 1.5 meter pieces. The second piece will be used to expand the project some time in the future.

Here is my 12V water pump in it's little package.

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